316: Beatles Quiz

During The Beatles’ lifetime as a band, I knew everything that was available to be known about them. That’s because the only source of information was the record sleeve and label, usually with nothing more than the composers’ names and the duration of the track.

So my knowledge didn’t come from Mark Lewisohn or Andrew Hickey or The Internet or any of the myriad of 14-year old Experts who can tell you what brand of drumsticks Ringo used on the album version of “Thank You, Girl”.  

My knowledge came from listening to The Beatles music non-stop throughout my Pooh brain’s formative years. I was 15, already a Top 40 addict, when ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ was released in the US, and 21 when “Abbey Road” ended the era.

And strangely enough, through my real-time immersion in the Primary Material, I discovered a few nuggets barely documented on this new interweb thing. My own personal, private discoveries, four tidbits rarer than the nonsensical “Paul is Dead” minutiae, but real. I think.

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. All those 14-year olds who are now more knowledgeable than me can set me straight. I’ve kept these discoveries to myself for half a century, and I’m now going to share them with you!

And I’m so sure of the veracity of these untested, unverified, independently researched, original, primary-source informed gems that I’m going to make you a wager–I’m going to give you four questions about The Beatles’ music itself (not about their neighbor’s shoe size). If you can answer all four, you get to submit a request for a Song Of the Week posting about any Beatles song, and I’ll accommodate. How about that, huh?

And not only that, one of the four is a giveaway.

Beginner Level Question

What Beatles song quotes verbatim a line from another song?

Just to get you started.

Intermediate Level Question

In what Beatles’ song is the title of a French song sung as backing vocals?

This one’s all over the internet. Go ahead and cheat, I won’t know.

Advanced Level Question

On what Beatles’ track is the bass part sung?

I’ve seen this notated, but deep in the footnotes.

Expert Level Question

On what Beatles track are the words “Nobody knows” sung as background vocals?

I might have the words wrong, but that’s what they sound like to me. There are clearly words being sung here (once, forward in the mix, clearly heard) that have no obvious connection to the rest of the song. I find no outside reference to these words anywhere. Go bust your head, Virginia.

You can email me at [email protected] with your answers or write a comment below. But best, do it on our new Song of The Week Facebook page.  Beginning Sunday, I’ll post a new hint there every day. We’ll publish the answers next Friday. And as I said, get all four and you get to request a Beatles SoTW posting of your choice!

How about them Apples?