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Jeff Meshel

Over the years he has worked in so many creative fields that he has been called a renaissance man, a dilettante, a poseur, and much worse. He lists his vocation as “Music Promulgator.”

Jeff has been a music journalist since the release of Rubber Soul. He was at Woodstock, interviewed young Simon and Garfunkel (“Hey Art, this guy looks like you”), sang lead for The Grateful Dead (one song, because they didn’t know the words), got kissed on stage by Janis Joplin (right place, right time).

Since he was a boy, he has been listening to music obsessively and talking about it incessantly.

His blog, Song of the Week, was launched in 2009 and contains 300 extended musings in his singular voice on a wide variety of musical styles.

“Your blog is in my RSS reader. When a new post comes out, I drop everything and come here and read and listen and think and sometimes shed a few tears. Thank you for this. It’s magical. Worth the extraordinary effort you put into it.” – Seth Godin

“We Are Decapede!” is Jeff’s first full-length novel, in which the Woodstock ethos meets the Age of Internet.

2006, Shelly Griffin, 43 and single, is stuck dissolving businesses for her father’s small-town law firm in rural Rust Belt, Ohio. When she discovers a song about a dying local beer, she inadvertently triggers the first-ever viral YouTube clip and finds herself directing the frenzied search for the remnants of a pickup hippie band 36 years after their acrimonious breakup.

“’We Are Decapede!’ is a moving, often heartwarming story that brought me to tears a handful of times.

The sense of community and goodwill and a group of people working together is very striking. The book is a rushing rollercoaster of compulsive energy that makes for one feel-good experience that I’m guessing would be VERY commercially viable. Addictive reading.”

David Schloss, Professor of Creative Writing, Miami of Ohio University

The show has been running for 25 years, over 2,000 shows. A new production was recently mounted.

“The play brought this hard-hearted critic to tears.”  Naomi Dudai ,The Jerusalem Post

Jeff has instigated numerous Contemporary A Cappella music projects, including Vocalocity, a world-class 40-voice rock choir; a unique improvisatory collaboration between Roger Treece and Ahinoam Nini (Noa); and an a cappella homage to Brian Wilson.

“This is the first time I’ve gone nose-to-nose in the ring with a partner from the same weight class.
I believe the results are something new and groundbreaking.”Roger Treece