Jeff became an avid member of the cult he calls ‘contemporary a cappella’ emanating from Sweden and Denmark throughout the world, a more refined style than the US college-based scene. For years he strove to bring this musical style to Israel, together with Ron Gang, head of the national choral organization.


In 2013 Jeff founded Vocalocity, a world-class 40-voice vocal rock band/rhythm choir under the musical direction of Kevin Fox. They have worked with the world’s finest a cappella figures and collaborated with many of Israel’s leading musicians.

“Top shit.”Peder Karlsson

In 2015 Vocalocity served as chorus in the NotesAre project, in which choral visionary Roger Treece demonstrated composing an a cappella concerto in real-time with virtuoso vocalist Ahinoam Nini (Noa).

“This is the first time I’ve gone nose-to-nose in the ring with a partner from the same weight class.I believe the results are something new and groundbreaking.”Roger Treece

For decades, Jeff maintained that the universe wouldn’t be in sync until a certain four early Brian Wilson compositions underwent vocal restoration and enhancement. In 2020 he recruited his favorite a cappella arrangers and the other-worldly vocalist Sam Robson to realize his long-nagging dream.

“Brilliant” – Jens Johansen, Vocal Line

“Talented work”Van Dyke Parks

“As much as I love the source material, these recordings will be my go-to for Brian’s music in full flower, in full, glorious bloom. Something so right, a reminder that visionaries still find the beauty.”Maggie Evans 

A stunning Contemporary Classic a capella composition by Erik Bosio, lyrics by Jeff Meshel.

“Holy moly Jeff. This is powerful beyond beyond. Waves of sound. I hope your heart feels the amazing energy that you put in motion for this beautiful composition.” –Joan Spear, composer


“Absolutely took my breath away! Thanks, Jeff, for being “an instigator, a facilitator, and a minor contributor,” and for sharing this with us!”–Alex Eshed, choral conductor


“This is haunting and beautiful. You forgot to tell us to plug the headphones in! It’s echoing in my mind after the music is complete. Stunning.”–Shari Giddens