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Before the Jerk, the Pony, the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Monkey and the Funky Chicken, there was the big mamma pelvic rotator of them all, The Twist. And before there was The Beatles, there were The Isley Brothers. They’re the guys who really Twisted and Shouted.

Last Week

She make my heart go thumpity-thump-thump.

Listen to her sing this Jim Webb gem. Tell me you weren’t moved.  

If I’m a wave, then she’s a shoreline
Watching the tide rise
Waiting to break me.

“He responds to negligence by contempt.”

How I met Bob Dylan backstage at The Johnny Cash Show in 1969–the ‘true’ story.

Want to know what’s new in music? Check out what Jacob Collier’s been doing for the previous couple of months.

The 20th anniversary of 9/11, Erev Yom Kippur, and a spookily prophetic 1964…

Talented, commercial, and uncommonly pleasing to look at.

A weird and wonderful early 60’s fingerpicker

“Thank you so very much for your wonderfully eloquent and engaging posts. They not only bring back so many memories of the music of my misspent youth,

but deepen my understanding and appreciation of the universal interconnections that music creates. It’s always a joy to read – so thank you for writing with such love.”

 Linda (292: My 10 Life-Changing Albums

“Jeff, this is such brilliant writing. It deserves a huge audience. I just love your sense of humor and we really need one now.”

Judy Labensohn (247: Perry Como, ‘Kol Nidre’)

I stumbled on to your website and that cost me almost the whole rest of my weekend. Can’t say I have yet read all your posts,

but is has been a tremendous experience and often a trip down memory lane, to read your very well written and insightful comments. Many, many thanks.”

Jan dalhuisen (261: Kurt Elling/Sting, ‘Practical Arrangement’

You sound like someone who has an unhealthy relationship with both women and himself.”

Stephen Linhart (272: Vilray, ‘Do Friends Fall in Love?’ with Rachael Price)

“Once again I feel like we may be identical twins separated at birth.”

Jeffrey C. Apfel (260: David Crosby/Joni Mitchell, ‘Yvette in English’)

“Your blog is in my RSS reader. When a new post comes out, I drop everything and come here and read and listen and think and sometimes shed a few tears.
Thank you for this. It’s magical. Worth the extraordinary effort you put into it.”

Seth Godin (163: Joni Mitchell, ‘For Free’)

“This post brought some tears of happiness to my pandemic-weary eyes this morning.”

Elizabeth (229: The Beatles: ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ (“Rubber Soul”)  

“Thank you for your insight, Jeff !” —Bill Evans’ widow,

Laurie Verchomin (124: Bill Evans, ‘Nardis’)

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